Hey guys, Twelve here, really sorry for my absence so far, and a special thanks to TheSt0ryTeller for throwing a contest in my absence. So, lets get started.

Last week

So previously, our contest took the form of a quote contest.

Can you imagine if someone walked in on Steen while he was photoshopping boobs onto Ezio. How would you explain that?

That was the quote, given by Staff member BlaiddDdraig, to explain, and the winner, decided by St0ryTeller and myself, is...!

Slate Vesper!: So, err... I know you love Ezio Steeny, but I think that's taking it a little too far. Just for you though, here's a box of tissues and I'll leave you to it. *walks out*


This week

Now for this weeks image, taken by our own newest ACWiki admin, congrats by the way, Vatsa1708!

What really happened in boys will be boys

What really happened during the memory, Boys Will Be Boys.

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