Hey guys, Twelve here with another epic CAPTION CONTEST. But first a few ground rules to the caption contest just so no confusion ensues.


  • Caption contests usually are weekly.
  • They start and end on Wednesday, my time. (I'm in India.)
  • The maximum number of entries per individual is three. Any more entries will be considered invalid and cause the submitter to be disqualified.
  • Entries should preferably be kept short and crisp.

Thats all!

Last week

Last week we had a great contest full of great entries. Unfortunatley due to the large number of captions about Mario's "sword" (>.>), we're looking more at the originality of the quotes. Selected by TheSt0ryTeller and me, the winner is Yash7! And here is his caption:

RA 9 v

Ezio:It was my uncle...
Akon:Doesn't matter had sex!


This week

Now for a brand new competition. Here's the image selected by Camerlengo Vatsa1708!

Ezio Agostino Antonio

Say what?


Okay so since I won't be around next week for the caption contest due to me taking a leave of absence when ACR comes out, this contest will feature no rules. Submit as many as you like, and make them as twisted as you feel.

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