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    ok we all know the hookblade is introduced in assassins creed revelations, it helps us kill guards, climb faster and as well as to travel along the ziplines, now i thought that as time advances, so will the gadgets of the assassins, so i came up with a idea of a HIDDEN GRAPPLING BLADE.

    now imagine in a future assassins creed where instead of the hookblade, u have the grappling blade in which, the hidden blade would be attached to a metal wire, then when activated shoot towards bulidings and being able to pull yourself up or use it as a type of whip or long range blade in combat, think of it as spiderman's web, minus swinging from building to buliding and the web part.

    what do you guys think of my idea?

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    so basically who do u think was the better assassin leader:

    - Ezio

    - Altair

    - Mario

    - Al Mualim

    - The mentor from Dubai

    - Yusef (mentor from constantinople)

    - Nicoolo

    for me it's altiar, he was a effcient assassin leader, who invented many new techniques, he reinevented the order after Al Mualims death and he also made many new traditions and still was a assassin when he was very old

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    ook who do you guys think in any historical event, see as a assassin secretly ill name a few whom i think would be assassins some for obvious reasons, some for being badass and some for what they did.

    (note put ur historical person's name, century, and historical event/location and why they would be a assassin)

    Oliver Cromwell

    late 16th century to mid 17th century, England(english civil war), he took over control after King Charles I's excution (who didnt want to give more rights to the Englanders as well as putting taxes among the people for his own cause aka war so hes a tyrannical bastar aka could be a templar) he gave a signature to the death warrent of the king and took power as a republic, he may be a contraversal figure in history but …

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