hey everyone,and welcome to the ultimate comic-con 2011 post,i will update this post with anything that occurs between 3-4 pm (assassin creed panel),so first,lets get our facts straight :


1-assassin's creed revelations:no one knows about that,i expect some new demo with some altair gameplay,or at least,the e3 demo,or a new trailer...anyway like i said,no one knows about that,but we'll see :).

UPDATE : ubisoft say there will be a different way recruting assassins this time,dunno what that means...

UPDATE : will templars have eagle vision ? ubisoft says maybe......


UPDATE : altair will sound more middle eastern like bloodlines,so yeh.....

UPDATE'' : 'damn it.....everyone who get dressed in the audience like ac characters gets a free copy of revelations when it comes i wish i was at comic con right now,too bad i spent all my money to go on e3 dunno why i am updating this....

UPDATE : ubisoft is saying ac3 "might" take place in 2012,means they "might" milk the series.....

2-assassin's creed embers :ubisoft said that they will be showing a exclusive preview of assassin creed embers (dunno what they meant by exclusive,they already showed it yesterday on xplay),along with some FAQ.

UPDATE: according to sources,and myself,full preview was shown yesterday at G4,what do we know is that embers takes place years after revelations,and centers around ezio auditore(the old guy in the teaser) and his familly as they try to escape the templars(sorry to everyone who expected ezio to die in revelations),acording to the preview,it will feature places like tuscany and venice.for more infos (spoilers),you can check out this post : .we hope to see more later at the panel,until then,be patient guys !

UPDATE : this is comfirmed for embers,ezio will have a son and a daugther.

UPDATE : full trailer is released,you can check it at the recent media section

3-assassin's creed the chain : i dont expect they will say anything about it,but we gotta stay optemstic,right ?

UPDATE :' nothing was mentioned about the chain,true bummer :('




thumb|300px|right|the full trailer


well,you can't watch it (seriously you cant).BUT,there is a live blog you can check it out here :

remember thought,the assassin creed panel will start at 3 pm,so be sure not to miss it.

UPDATE: well its over,but you can still check the live blog for infos.

well thats it,this post will be updated whenever something occurs,meanwhile : happy comic-con everyone !

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