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    August 18, 2011 by Subject20

    i cant believe you guys are doing this,banning me from irc,let alone calling me a little shit,you guys over abuse you admin whatsoever rights to ban me for shits and giggles ? what i ask is proof like Q-A or somethin and instead i get banned ? no wonder people at E3 said you guys are bunch of retards.even the rape metter indicates high levels of rape in this place.even,after what i did,what i edited,how much i told the AC devs at e3 about you,and you think i am a little piece for shit ?

    so guess what,you ruined the series for everyone,enjoy your little group,roleplay noobs.

    yours truly and "never give up on AC" guy,

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    hey everyone,and welcome to the ultimate comic-con 2011 post,i will update this post with anything that occurs between 3-4 pm (assassin creed panel),so first,lets get our facts straight :


    1-assassin's creed revelations:no one knows about that,i expect some new demo with some altair gameplay,or at least,the e3 demo,or a new trailer...anyway like i said,no one knows about that,but we'll see :).

    UPDATE : ubisoft say there will be a different way recruting assassins this time,dunno what that means...

    UPDATE : will templars have eagle vision ? ubisoft says maybe......


    UPDATE : altair will sound more middle eastern like bloodlines,so yeh.....

    UPDATE'' : 'damn it.....everyone who get dressed in the audienc…

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    June 17, 2011 by Subject20

    feel free to comment :)

    UPDATE : okay its vidic and heres what he says ( i had a hard time remembering :P) : "you served Abstergo well,and your skills in the Animus continue to impress.I do not use that term lightly.If you continue at this rate,it is a foregone conclusion that you will be the one to enter our inner chambers,and learn our most trusted secrets.Once you cross that threshold,youe eyes will be opened and you will see this world for what it truly is.Don't muck this up.Abstergo in counting on you."

    Inner chambers ? Trusted secrets ? i guess this comfirms what they said about multiplayer (once you level up,you go up in abstergo ranks and get access to emails that reveals secrets).

    what do you think ?

    UPDATE : since people are getting …

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    new clue /codes found

    June 12, 2011 by Subject20

    ok guys so i found some other stupid codes that no one noticed (obviously),so i decoded them using hex,and i found some intersting stuffits a message and it says :

    Three lives tailed,Three lives last,Three message deliveree(d) : the greeting,the warning,the revelation

    so what do you think ? feel free to comment and share your theories.

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