Revelations had a damp ending. And funky just like the title "says".

The first storyline was great, hell it is common for many AC players (and fans obviously) to say that the first AC was the best AC out there. Feeling of conspiracy theories fear? Let's say 100%.

The 2nd one's storyline, it was okay, but that "God" meeting was unexpected. That feeling again, it's around 70%. I bet it was impressive when Minerva mentioned Desmond, huh? Well not for me.

Brotherhood's storyline, who the hell made this storyline? It was stupid. And let me just say that I hated the music there, please Jasper Kyd, you used to do better (Like in AC, oh yeah, I just mentioned it again.). So, I wonder if anyone can be turned into stroye-I mean, be a good human and tell me, why did Desmond had to kill Lucie? I know he was mind controlled, by Minerva, but why did Minerva do that?

And well, Lucie's dead was stupid that I quickly forget about it.

Now, let's talk about human sacrifices. I hate them, they're too cliche. Why must humans always be sacrificed? That is annoying and, again, cliche. Always humans having to be sacrificed, they forgot about animals now. I bet PETA go on a total rage when an animal is sacrificed even on games, huh?

So, there starts Revelations and the main plot! Did you read all the other text though? Good human! If you did of course, if not, typical human.

So, Revelations actually had the dumbest ending ever. Ezio goes to Masyaf, he sees Altair's skeleton...Did Altair really spend all his senior years in a comfy-looking chair? Well, there's a reason this game called him "Stoic" then.

Then Ezio sees that artifact, and speaks to Desmond...Come on, there's no logic about that! Ezio suddenly talking to Desmond, the apple's "pulse" did this to him? And then Desmond "awakens" to talk with Jupiter. What. Feelings of conspiracy, 0%.

A funny cutscene also appears. Who were those? First-born humans or something? It seems so, except they're more advanced. Maybe they're just humans but from year 3000 and up. Funny, right? I bet we'd just be idiotic savages ruled by technology at that time, not some like those people there. Anyone saw any of those "humans" with a phone? No, but you do in real life.

Why is the cutscene funny? Firstly, it was attempting to be dramatic and it failed. A woman with a baby, how cute! Uh oh, the woman and the baby will die and I will cry like a woman even though I'm a man!

I don't know if that happened to any of you out there, but it did the reverse of me; I enjoyed it. I loved how the Earth was opening, I could see the representation of the cores in it. Hephaestus was calling for them to join him in his lame work. This is how a real worker would die.

And Hera was just pissed off at all those boring crystals the humans made so she broke them. Good job Hera! Even my kin hate the human's creation more than our own.

Heh, that cutscene was boring and then it got cool. Now, spoil me even if I am already spoiled with this remains of my humanity's meat; In Assassin's Creed III, is that where Desmond dies?

Maybe this is more my fault, I have not been listening to the lore and now you think I'm some fool who should just play the game again and listen better or go look at the wiki and such. I might be a fool, but if I am a fool, then I'm the old term used commonly in Medieval times, because I realize who I am.

Unlike humans, I'm better at listening to blunt comments, so go on! Don't be polite, that's just many symbols of fear, lies and sycophanty.

(P.S. I know in reality I'm a human, just in case you think I'm some dissociative nutjob or so. I do love peanuts though, WITH STROYENT.)

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