• Strogglet27

    Revelations had a damp ending. And funky just like the title "says".

    The first storyline was great, hell it is common for many AC players (and fans obviously) to say that the first AC was the best AC out there. Feeling of conspiracy theories fear? Let's say 100%.

    The 2nd one's storyline, it was okay, but that "God" meeting was unexpected. That feeling again, it's around 70%. I bet it was impressive when Minerva mentioned Desmond, huh? Well not for me.

    Brotherhood's storyline, who the hell made this storyline? It was stupid. And let me just say that I hated the music there, please Jasper Kyd, you used to do better (Like in AC, oh yeah, I just mentioned it again.). So, I wonder if anyone can be turned into stroye-I mean, be a good human and tel…

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