Hello all, once again. Snowbeast here with another exciting episode of Pointless Patches! It appears Ubisoft has released another patch for Assassin's Creed III: Liberation. What's in this patch, you ask? Take a look.

Single Player

  • Fixed save game corruption issues
  • Fixed issues where game exits to Ubisoft Logo
  • Fixed instances of music stopping under specific circumstances
  • Fixed time-based statistics tracking
  • Minor Japanese Trophies text fixes


  • Fixed an issue where a new agent would not appear in the roster upon leveling up
  • Fixed minor sound issue
  • Balancing: Attacking a Victory node with a Remote Attack power-up removed
  • Balancing: Geolocation bonus pack tweaked

Now the particular problem I, and many others, have been experiencing is related to the first two points. In the slideshow below, you'll notice when I hit "Continue Game," it loads Aveline for about 3 seconds before switching to a blank loading screen and then returning to the Ubisoft logo.

The funny thing? I took these pictures after downloading the patch. So there you have it. This latest patch is a bust. I might as well just start a new save file. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I'm Stormbeast. You stay classy AC Wiki.

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