Greetings Assassins and Templars alike! It is I, Stormbeast, with another blog to talk to you about something very near and dear to our hearts this October; pumpkins Assassin's Creed III. GameInformer has released their November issue and with it comes a section titled, "10 Cool Features You Didn't Know About Assassin's Creed III." Before I continue, I would just like to take the time to point out something.

This blog contains spoilers. If you don't want to know, please do not read it. For those that comment, please keep it vague or take specific questions to the appropriate mediums of communication, such as the IRC.

Without further ado, let's get down to what we did not already know.

The Homestead

  • Each character that joins the Homestead has their own introductory mission. After settling on the Homestead, their skills become available to Connor's crafting endeavors.
  • As Connor completes missions and other objectives, mementos are placed within his Manor, similar to the models in Ezio Auditore's Villa and Roman Head-Quarters.
  • Connor's weapons and outfits are held within a secret room in the basement of the Manor.

The Underground

  • An upgraded system of the tunnels, the Underground is composed of Masonic tunnels under Boston and New York.
  • Not much is known yet, just that they contain puzzles left behind by the Masons and may be the replacement to The Truth puzzles.
  • These puzzles open up exits into other areas of the city, and from then on, Connor can fast travel to unlocked locations.

Pirates, Ships, and Treasure

  • There are three major threads of gameplay when experiencing the naval portion of the game.
  • The first, and most commonly known, are the privateer missions. These are the segments of gameplay where Connor must battle other ships.
  • The second thread is dedicated to a storyline about the Templars and Nicholas Biddle, a well-known naval officer.
  • The last element deals with pirates and hidden treasure. Connor goes around collecting trinkets to trade to Pegleg. In return, Ol' Peggy gives Connor letters related to Captain Kidd. Each letter leads Connor to a different island where a piece of the treasure map can be found. This is what took place within the Fort Wolcott demo.
    • There are six pieces of the treasure map to collect. Six, you say? Where does that number sound familiar...


  • Most missions in the game include multiple optional objectives. At the end of the mission, the player is given sync points based on performance.
  • From the pause menu, the DNA tracker tells you how many sync points you've earned on each mission.
  • As you gain sync points, you gain extras like additional artwork or new outfits for Connor.

The New Brotherhood

  • Like Brotherhood and Revelations, recruiting begins with liberation missions where Connor must rescue his future Assassins from the forces of darkness.
  • It seems the missions to level up recruits have become more personal as Connor aids Stephane Chapheau on more than one occasion before becoming a fully-fledged Assassin.
  • It is unknown how many people Connor can recruit, but six are built into the story; one for each district of Boston and New York.
    • Each of the six have a unique skill set, that they will teach to the other Assassins.
  • While the weapon wheel is assigned to RB/R1, the new Assassin wheel (LB/L1) will allow Connor to use his recruits for a variety of purposes: start a riot, provide a covert escort, or even act as Connor's personal bodyguard.
  • While Connor can work with his recruits on a personal level, he can also send them out on Assassination contracts like Ezio.
    • Pigeon coops have been replaced by the pause menu in this aspect. Connor can pull up a map of the eastern seaboard and send out his allies to complete contracts.


  • Benjamin Franklin has written Poor Richard's Almanacs, but they don't seem to stick together real well. Pages are scattered everywhere and it's up to Connor to find them all.
  • As feathers were confirmed earlier, this just adds one more thing to obsess over. Instead, these side-quests are reminiscent of thieves' chases.
  • Collecting these pages unlocks additional crafting recipes, like Ben's glass harmonica.
  • Almanacs share the same category (low-priority optional side missions) as courier missions, delivery missions (Frontier demo) and assassination jobs.

Board Games

  • Checkers
  • Nine Man's Morris
  • Fanorona


  • Some clubs Connor can partake in are: hunting, thievery, exploring, and fighting.
  • The Hunting Club is built around finding and hunting unique animals in the Frontier; four animal types per zone.
  • The Explorer's Club deals with viewpoints. If Connor synchronizes with enough viewpoints, he is approached by Daniel Boone. After joining the club, Connor is allowed to sit at wilderness campfires. Here, the club members will tell tall tales about sea monsters and UFO sightings. It is up to Connor to get to the bottom of these tales.


  • Remember Borgia Towers? Well, they're back, in the form of Templar Forts.
  • By taking down these forts, Connor reduces Templar influence across America.
  • Like his predecessor, Connor must kill the fort's commander. He must also dispose of the fort's stockpile of ammunition and lower the current flag.
  • By doing so, Connor obtains a new fast travel destination and a big cash reward. It also reduces taxes on Connor's trade convoys.

The Economy of the New World

  • Trade begins at the Homestead, where Connor's workers produce goods for his stockpile, all at a reduced rate.
  • Connor can check his accounting book, examine his stockpile, and craft/trade objects either from the Manor or any general store.
  • Crafting starts with a recipe, acquired through quests, contracts, and other events in the game world.
  • Each recipe requires the right artisan (Lance) and the right base material (wolf pelt).
  • After crafting objects, Connor can then send them by land or by sea. However if he has not completed privateer missions or finished liberation missions, products stand a huge risk of not reaching their destination safely.
  • The trade convoy is a real object moving in the game. If it is attacked on the road or by sea, Connor has two options: send a recruit, or handle the problem himself.
  • Enemies aren't the only ones that can stop a convoy. Connor himself can decide to loot one if he so pleases.


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