• Soviet SPETSNAZ

    Honestly, the combat in the first game was straightforward, no fancy gadgets Altair required to dispatch his enemies. More with his attacks, which are just simple and subtle swings, which was preferable in combat instead of the flashy moves we see in ACII and AC:B. It seems that Ezio lost the ability to perform heavy attacks, which, in the first game, made things quite easy. It's as if Altair is the more straightforward assassin who prefers subtlety, while Ezio...don't know what to say about him...

    Anyways, heavy attacks advantages offset their slow speed:

    • Undeflectable
    • Uncounterable


    • Slow speed

    And it's too bad they won't be bringing Alair back...I liked his personality, robes, and his character's setting better.

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