I don't know about you guys, but that was mind blowing. Oh, fyi, if you haven't purchased and played through the DLC, you will not want to read this. Find out for yourself :D

Anyways ... All that insightful dialogue made perfect sense to me and I had gone over and over in my head about what Sub. 16 would have been used for and how he was important Desmond ever since AC I. But when you get to that theater room and you learn that Lucy was a Templar and her whole role was to get Desmond to run though Ezio's memories so that he would acquire the Bleeding Effect which would lead him to where the Apple of Eden is in the present world, that just blew my mind!! lol

Just crazy. Sub. 16 was just like the other 15 people. They were only used to go back to their ancestors in 1200-1510ish and locate people with DNA who had been in touch the Apple or with people who had been in touch with other people who were in tough with the Apple and so on. It took them 16 different people to eventually find someone who had been in touch with the Apple. So they traced Ezio's DNA to Desmond. Insane.

I don't even know how they are going to keep the story going in the third one.

Not even in the DLC but in the actual game, the last cut scene, it was pretty obvious that Desmond now knows where the Apple is. So all he has to do is just go there. That was the whole point of using the Animus. So I suspect either that there will be quite a bit of playing as Desmond in the real world, traveling to the location of the Apple, but of course, mostly playing as the Assassin in the Revolutionary War. I don't know what his role will be in the game nor do I have a clue.

Obviously, the whole point of Assassin's Creed is playing as the people in Desmond's ancestral memories but the story line is pretty much over. Unless they pull something weird like, ex. "Lucy didn't die and showed up, stole the apple, and brought it back to the Templars before Desmond could stop her. And now, it is all up to Desmond to save the world." lolz. But I doubt that :)

I can not wait for the new game to come out. The content looks amazing but I am also very interested in how the rest of the main story line will play out. It seems very very close to the end yet this game is supposed to be longer than AC Rev. so idk. There has to be another big twist to it all, possibly keeping Desmond from simply traveling to that hill he saw at the end of AC Rev. and finding the Apple. Seems easy but, who knows.

I have seen and heard talk of, a while ago, that AC III was gonna be in the 1700s but in England or France and there was a cover pic of a guy in a large leather coat, leggings, sword, pistol and the hidden blade. May have been fan made but it was still intriguing. Since AC III is actually in the Rev. War, maybe that might be the next one? AC IV or something like that. I hope they don't jump up to AC IV in 2012! Lolz.

But anyways. That is what I think about the new DLC: The Lost Archive.

I love it! Especially the Altair outfit that comes with it! Ezio is even missing his left ring finger when wearing which is awesome. But you can not wear it while having that BEAST Assassin's armor on. The guy with the weird name.

Feel free to comment about what you though of the DLC and what may be in store for us in AC III. Pertaining to the story line mostly. I think we all know about the main game play already!! :)

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