• Souljame

    I don't know about you guys, but that was mind blowing. Oh, fyi, if you haven't purchased and played through the DLC, you will not want to read this. Find out for yourself :D

    Anyways ... All that insightful dialogue made perfect sense to me and I had gone over and over in my head about what Sub. 16 would have been used for and how he was important Desmond ever since AC I. But when you get to that theater room and you learn that Lucy was a Templar and her whole role was to get Desmond to run though Ezio's memories so that he would acquire the Bleeding Effect which would lead him to where the Apple of Eden is in the present world, that just blew my mind!! lol

    Just crazy. Sub. 16 was just like the other 15 people. They were only used to go bac…

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