Hello there everybody. I understand I am new, and a lot of you may think that this is an attempt to get attention, but I just wanted to share my opinions with the rest of you.

So, first thing. Assassin Dens. I absolutely hate them. I find that almost five seconds after I change them to assassin dens, they are attacked. I am currently trying to get all of the collectibles and complete all of the "side missions" but I get overwhelmed with how much stuff I have to do at once.

Second. Altair and Ezio. I think that adding both characters was a great idea. I loved how the memories actually had an impact on the MAIN storyline, as opposed to just the side missions.

Third. Story. The story, I thought, was the weakest one yet. It did not go into great detail, and it seemed to quick. The main enemy of the story was never really clear to me, just that the Suleiman's uncle was the worst. But then, the Sultan told Ezio never to come to Constaintinople again, which made him seem even worse. I didn't like how Ezio almost lost his temper, because he always seems calm. Thank god Sofia was there.

Last but not least, Ezio and Sofia. It did not seem that great of a match. Ezio was like 50 years old, and Sofia was like 25 or something. Ezio seemed to fall in love with her much too quickly.

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