For any work of fiction set in the future you run the danger of having your audience live to see the age you predicted -- especially if your write something as captivating as 1984 or Assassin's Creed. To me, it seems like a great excuse for a party -- such as the Terminator marathon people planned for 29 Aug 1997.

If you look at the e-mails in AC1, you'll find that Desmond's original captivity in Abstergo was during the week of 3-9 September 2012. By the week of 17 September, Desmond and the others have reached the Sanctuary in Monteriggioni; they leave in the week of 1 October. We could then call 3-9 September AC1 Week, 10-16 Sept AC2 Week, and 17 Sept-1 October Brotherhood Week. (I know Brotherhood Week is actually a fortnight, but work with me here!)

While no doubt many fans will party after Desmond prevents the Eye-Abstergo launch on 12 December 2012, does anyone have any AC-themed plans for the periods described above?

Personally, I will be touring Rome, Florence and Venice to see if those passages to the Assassin Tombs and First Civilisation temples still exist.

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