There are certain moments when you have been priveledged to watch a most supreme kill or escape -- either by a team-mate, by your hunter/target or (hopefully) by your noble self. Here's my collection of Multiplayer Moments.

(Note: while the individual persona names may not be the actual ones used, the events surrounding them are accurate.)

Brilliant Kills

  • The Prowler flees to the rooftops, chased by The Officer. To cement his escape The Prowler runs to perform a Leap Of Faith: yet as he runs the final metres The Officer draws his pistol, achieving lock just as The Prowler leaps. Yet the angle is such that The Officer fires. The Prowler's corpse lands in a hay bale, and the Officer achieves a Mid-Air kill.
  • His target fleeing, The Mercenary aims and fires. The kill is achieved -- and one second later The Hellequin shoots The Mercenary. I don't know if The Hellequin was waiting for me to fire first or if it was just a fluke, but I just want to thank The Hellequin for letting me have my kill!
  • On Fiorli's rooftops The Blacksmith is pursuing The Courtesan, who is pursuing The Harlequin. Yet from another angle comes The Prowler: having spotted the pursuit and his target in the centre, he climbs up to a Ledge Grab position and waits, no-one even knows he's there. Less than 5 metres seperates the 3 chasers: The Harlequin races past, and then The Prowler reaches up and seizes The Courtesan. The result is simultaneous Poacher and Saviour bonuses!
  • I've lost yet another Wanted contract, but all hope is not lost: the replacement contract is literally right on top of him. No sooner have I confirmed my target is The Smuggler, then The Smuggler lands right next to me after jumping down from the roof. I'm still incognito and not recognised as the pursuer, until it's too late. As the kill is completed, a Saviour bonus confirms why The Smuggler was here: she was chasing The Footpad, who is now lining up a shot. I smile and sit on a bench, waiting for the next contract....The Footpad. After a private laugh, I move into the crowd next to The Footpad and sting him with some poison. Sadly, The Footpad did not get his shot off before succumbing.
  • My team of Barbers has had a very successful Manhunt against The Courtesans. I home in on the next kill, only to discover she's taken refuge amongst a mobile crowd with 2 other Courtesans. With my Templar Vision and Firecrackers reloading I currently have no means of distinguishing the target from the decoys, so instead I blend with that crowd and wait for back-up. A white screen then confirms my target has dropped her own Firecrackers; I immediately slash randomly, desperately hoping to hit something, but I can't even see any outlines and am completely blind. Finally the "You killed...." caption appears, and I realise that my original blow indeed found its mark. A blind kill and a Focus bonus!
  • My next contract is confirmed: The Blacksmith. I follow my compass, only to spot my own pursuer. Then I realise The Blacksmith is chasing my pursuer! I decide to hold back and let The Blacksmith have his kill, eliminating my only pursuer. As I stalk The Blacksmith my own Escape Meter appears: while keeping The Blacksmith in sight I hold back and wait for the Escape bonus. A couple of seconds after I 'escape' I aim and fire my Gun for a Chain bonus.
  • I stalk The Thief along the rooftops, staying back so she doesn't know I'm there. I see her close in for her kill....only to fall to the ground. I'm standing on a pigeon perch in an Acrobatic position; because the contract hasn't cycled I know she's only stunned. I lock on, wait and leap: Focus, Acrobatic, Aerial, Grounded, Silent, Variety, Streak. Ka-ching!
  • I spot The Courtesan as she closes in on The Footpad; no doubt she's about to make her kill. As I close in a Smoke Bomb is dropped but I get to my target in time, savouring the Saviour bonus....until The Footpad knifes me in the back. The bugger was my pursuer!!
  • The Manhunt is on for The Thieves, and the chase begins. I bash through the crowds, keeping my target in sight and taking advantage of my Chaser perk to give me the edge. Finally I round the corner and stab one of the opposing team, but my chase meter doesn't vanish. Fortunately my target is still in sight, and so the chase continues. I see her dive into a bush....and out pops another Thief! My attack lands on the newly-exposed thief and my original target keeps running. I continue the chase....until the Co-Op Kill bonus triggers.
  • I've stunned my pursuer, so I'm confident about finding my target....until the screen turns green and I realise my stun came too late. But then my target appears almost next to me, having taken out his own target with an aerial attack. I step forward and deliver my killing blow the moment before I succumb.

Brilliant Escapes

  • The Manhunt is on! Two crowds have been morphed, yet The Doctors aren't amongst either: they're all huddled together amongst the barrels, creaming off points just for standing around talking. Then The Blacksmiths appear: The Doctors each lock onto different ones, yet they remain talking as though nothing is happening. A Lure bonus is triggered: still the The Doctors chat about the weather. Another Lure. A Blacksmith comes around the corner: Doctor Smoke3723 deploys a Decoy on the only civilian in the group. The Blacksmith turns his attention to the runner: The Doctors still haven't moved and continue to drink their XP. 2 Blacksmiths are still in the area: one triggers a Lure, the other approaches our position. My team-mate sets off a Smoke Bomb and starts running; the other team-mate stuns the smoked Blacksmith before himself doing a runner, pursued by another Blacksmith. And all this time I have been standing around, staring into space. When the Blacksmith recovers I don't move: he runs in the direction of the other Doctors while I just keep on scoring. After more than 2 minutes in my perch, another Lure warns me of a nearby Blacksmith: by now another civilian is chatting to me and my Blender perk has turned him into another Doctor. Finally a Blacksmith approaches my position, only to receive my own Smoke Bomb followed by a Stun. (To the Blacksmiths' credit, they did kill me a couple of times. After granting me some more Lures and Stuns. :)
  • The Hellequins are hiding from The Prowlers. I'm amongst a mobile crowd, trying not to be noticed. One of The Prowlers raises his gun, aiming at my team-mate amongst another crowd. Before he can get his shot off, I deliver a Stun and flee.
  • Contract confirmed: The Engineer, who is literally just down the road and already within my line of sight. Although I push my way through the crowds and move quickly, I remain out of high profile so he doesn't see me coming. Another Templar bashes into The Engineer, but he's being pursued and ignores The Engineer completely. I smile: it buys me time as The Engineer slows and I close the gap. The Engineer disappears around a corner: I follow him but just as I get to the corner a Smoke Bomb is dropped. The Engineer has taken advantage of the wall-penetrating nature of the Smoke Bomb to send me choking, then walks up and gives me a bruished jaw for my trouble!!
  • The Prowlers are surrounding me in a Manhunt, but they don't know which one I am. One sets off Firecrackers; his partner kills my civilian look-alike. Half-blind but able to make out the main buildings, I activate my Speed Boost and dive through some chase-breaker gates. By now the blindness is gone and my chase meter is yellow; I don a Long-Lasting Disguise and stand amongst the crowd. My purusers appear....and stand still. Double escape!
  • I can hear the cue that warns my pursuer is near. I put my hunt for The Coutersan on hold and stand amongst the crowd, watching and waiting. The Thief approaches from the rooftops: the red arrow points out that yes, this indeed is my pursuer. She jumps down and I toss a Smoke Bomb....but I needn't have bothered since she's knifed my look-alike instead. I ignore her and turn for my target....who's charging in an effort to catch The Thief while my Smoke Bomb is still in effect. Unfortunately for the Courtersan, I'm faster!

Brilliant Chest Captures

  • At the Siena stables, The Thief has found the perfect position: behind one partition, out of visual range of the chest itself, there is a hay bale just inside the chest radius. By diving into the hay, The Thief is in a low-traffic area and indistinguishable from the background. Except for when a stray hunter comes from the wrong angle and randomly dives his knife into the hay.... (I was actually sorry I hit something!)
  • With 1 minute on the clock and one final chest left, everyone converges on the same corner. I find a convenient, stationary crowd in the corner and Morph them: my team-mates move towards the entrance and blend amongst the crowd, ready to defend our chest with Smoke Bombs and Firecrackers. The Thieves abandon all pretext of stealth, charging into the area in full view and start killing. My partners set off a Smoke Bomb and knock out one of them before himself being knifed from above. A team-mate's decoy starts running, but Firecrackers expose him and he is killed. With only 10 seconds left I am the only one still alive, let alone within the chest's range. I remain perfectly still amongst my morphed crowd. The stunned Thief recovers and moves to my crowd: after 2 Lure bonuses the chest is captured! I am slain milliseconds after securing the chest, but since the game is over by then anyway who cares?!

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