What I find odd about the AC3 Assassin Connor and George Washington is that if Connor is an ally to George, considering he sides with the Americans, and that George probably isn't a Templar, what will him having the Apple achieve?

If the Assassins are for free will, but George becomes the President of the United States, it can be said that George can use the Apple to influence people's thoughts, leading to his election/assignment to the role. Considering he also passes the Apple on to other Presidents, and that cycles each time with a new president, maybe he could be a Templar.

Then again, George W. Bush was a puppet for Abstergo Industries and Al Gore was backed by the Assassins, which throws question to the Assassins' ways. If they are supposed to protect the free will of people, why are they interfering in political campaigns so that they can keep the Apple of Eden in their possession.

I know this is something to do with how the Modern Assassins operate, but it's just confusing really. Wouldn't keeping the Apple away from George help the Assassins' cause more in the long run than giving it to him?

How do you feel about this?

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