Since its inception, I've noticed that Fanon has become something popular by the users of the wiki, since it now seems that the vote for Featured Fanons has been brought in.

However, while it's a great thing that everyone is contributing their own bit of creativity, I can see that some might get carried away in writing their epic tales, and others might not be able to read what makes them so awesome when grammar becomes an issue.

I'm no English teacher or anything, but I'd like to say that if any user wants me to go over their Fanon stories and structure them better, I'd be happy to do that. The reason I'm putting myself out there is so that when it comes to the Feature Fanon vote, your story is going to be judged for what it is, instead of any slip ups that might happen.

So, if you'd like my assistance, feel free to send me a message on my talk page and I'll do that for you.

As of yet, I've been asked by these members to help with their creations:

One thing else, I look forward to reading your fanon! So far, they've been great!

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