• Sith order66

    assassin creed 4

    March 25, 2011 by Sith order66

    the Templars order is try to kill the last of the assassin order and the last man is Desmond Miles is hold the Apple of eden and the too last assassin order is desmond miles and Leonardo da Vinci the templars order is get mad and time is get long and long and time and the templars order and try to k ill the last of the assassin order and get the apple of eden

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  • Sith order66

    when ezno the master assassin is now free and now hold the piecs of eden he is sit down hold the piecs of eden and try to see what to do with it he kid al , Al Mualim is now a assasin and try to be the good and one day be the master of assasin order he dad ezno is hide the piecs of eden one day al , Al Mualim can hold it but a attck on the assasin hide out al mualim is force to fight and get the piecs of eden back form templars the enemy of the assasin order is now


    • William of Montferrat
    • Garnier de Naplouse
    • can al muailm win let see
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