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    Mission Report: Moscow

    September 24, 2011 by SirGeon Jones

    To: Il Mentore

    From: Hummingbird

    Assignment: Team of four sisters (Owl, Whisper, Turtledove and myself) sent to Moscow to determine the fate of our missing brother Pietro

    Re: Mission Report

    It is with a grave heart that I report the demise of our brother Pietro.

    Having stolen into the city my sisters and I managed to evade the guards long enough to explore the den established by our brothers many years earlier. The building had not only been abandoned by all but also showed signs of a skirmish, something we all found most distressing. If fighting had taken place within the building then it was most likely that the Order had been compromised and the lair uncovered. Among the debris we uncovered documents bearing Pietro's seal, including an architect…

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  • SirGeon Jones

    I wonder if the Assassins have thought of looking in Warehouse 13 for any of the POEs? That place is filled with artifacts which have special abilities so I'm sure a few of the 'sacred relics' have wound up there.

    Or is the warehouse another Templar front?

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