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    • Mr. Rodrigo Borgia a.k.a. Pope Alexander VI. He mad many alliances to secure his position among these are with the French and a bunch of people from the House of Sforza, this alliance however wouldn't last for long because of his greed. He viewed Girolamo Savonarola as a hostile to his position. Due to his actions, the Houses of Colonna and Orsini allied against him.
    • Cesare Borgia is Rodrigo's son and fought for conquest of Italy under his father's "guidance". He attacked several regions of one of these is Forli. In this battle, Carlo Orsini and Bartolomeo d' Alviano, who were allied together, defeated Cesare. Cesare allegedly hired Leonardo da Vinci and became "intimate". Cesare was also "admired" by Niccolò Machiavelli, however, upon closer inspectio…

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