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  • I live in Seattle Wa
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Worlds Most Carefree Assassin
  • I am Male
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    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is going to be big and Assassin's Creed III is going to be even bigger so I was wondering what locations you'd like to see in Brotherhood and beyond, Ubisoft has already confirmed you can travel to Spain. list your answers in the comments.

    Also if you can please specify an era and why you think it would be a good location

    Here are a two of my ideas:

    -Victorian Era England: "I say watson it seems this fellow was stabbed in the neck with a concealed blade" "quite"

    -Fuedal Japan: Ninja Assassins :D

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    Assassin Apprentices

    August 20, 2010 by Silent 1

    In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood you can recruit assassins i'm interested in knowing how everyone is going to customize will you honor Altiar and the rest of your fallen brothers with Assassin White? Do you dare to be bold in hot pink?

    Also what skill will you focus on Free-Running, Combat, ect?

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    Create Your own Assassin/ Templar:

    Assassins and Templars are an important part of the Assassin's Creed series, (hence the title) almost everyone who has played any AC game as had one idea for character and so I wrote this blog

    Create your own Assassin/ Templar by answering these questions about your character:

    1. What is your Assassin/ Templar's name and gender?

    2. What is your faction (Assassin or Templar)

    3. Describe their fighting style

    4. Describe their apperance.

    5. Any other info...

    ^_^ Enjoy

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