Kenway Family Line:

I have noticed there is not much (really none at all) known about Edward Kenway's parents. Do you think his father will be in the next Assassin's Creed? I doubt it but you never know!

Let's review everything we know about the Kenways to see if we can learn anything more about the next Assassin.

Connor Kenway:

Connor is Native-American and his lifetime is in the Revolutionary War time-line. His death is not known, but he killed Charles Lee when he was last seen.

Haytham Kenway:

Connor Kenway's father. Possibly worker of the Templar order, but certainly worked for the Britain Army. Haytham Kenway was killed by his son, Connor Kenway.

Edward Kenway:

Edward Kenway was a privateer and later became a pirate. His lifetime is in the Cuban War and the game was based around 1715. Although his death was not shown, he was killed protecting his family.

Jennifer Kenway:

Edward Kenway's daughter. Not much is known about her but she was unexpected by Edward. It is unlikely she had anything to do with the Assassin's but anything is possible.

From what I think, The Kenway line runs through William Miles (Desmond Miles's father) and the Ezio/Altair line runs through Desmond's mother.

Tell me what you think.

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