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    Kenway Family Line

    December 3, 2013 by Shadowman11717

    Kenway Family Line:

    I have noticed there is not much (really none at all) known about Edward Kenway's parents. Do you think his father will be in the next Assassin's Creed? I doubt it but you never know!

    Let's review everything we know about the Kenways to see if we can learn anything more about the next Assassin.

    Connor Kenway:

    Connor is Native-American and his lifetime is in the Revolutionary War time-line. His death is not known, but he killed Charles Lee when he was last seen.

    Haytham Kenway:

    Connor Kenway's father. Possibly worker of the Templar order, but certainly worked for the Britain Army. Haytham Kenway was killed by his son, Connor Kenway.

    Edward Kenway:

    Edward Kenway was a privateer and later became a pirate. His lifetime is in the Cu…

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