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  • ShadowSolaris7

    Part 4 of Inside Assassin's Creed 3. This episode tells about the Naval Warfare, Cities and the Frontier.

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  • ShadowSolaris7
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  • ShadowSolaris7

    Seriously the dodging in AC multiplayer is god damn annoying, when you throw a smoke bomb and try to stun your pursuer they just freaking dodge it then kill you...god i hope its removed in AC3. Anyone else agree?

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  • ShadowSolaris7

    Multiplayer Characters so far

    1. Commander

    2. Lady Maverick

    3. Carpenter

    4. Mountebank

    5. Redcoat

    6. Sharpshooter

    7. Independant

    8. Nightstalker

    9. Robber

    10. Pioneer

    11. Black Bird

    Multiplayer Modes

    1. Wanted

    2. Manhunt

    3. Artifact Assault

    4. Domination

    5. Wolf Pack

    6. Team Deathmatch

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  • ShadowSolaris7

    “We decided with this one, we are going pretty close to the wire, trying to jam in as many features as possible and really make it as amazing as possible. So unfortunately this year, there will be no beta for multiplayer.”~ Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director on Assassin’s Creed III. this was confirmed from comic-con, pretty stupid what if the multiplayer needs fixes :/

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