Seriously, who actually knew anything about World War I before researching it on google? I don't think many of you. I shall state 5 reasons below on why I believe ACIV could be in World War I.

  • WWII is overdone-I'm not saying it couldn't work as a good setting, I'm saying it couldn't be used as an ACIV setting. Ubisoft's main point of AC is to provide unique historical periods and make them interesting. WWII has been done hundreds of times, where World War I is only used every three or five years.
  • End of an era-World War I marked the end of many Nations. For example, the Ottoman Empire collapsed five years after the end of WWI. The German Empire was disabled five years before that. Their were around several Revolutions that were helped by World War I. It would seem that peace and equality were sprouting everywhere, but that was not the case.
  • Interesting characters-Willhelm II, Nicholas II, all kinds of historical figures. In WWII you get Hitler, Stalin, and Churchill. You should all ready know much about the latter group.
  • Austria-Hungary-Need I say more? Plenty of chances for Templar assassination targets.
  • New gameplay-You could counter with rifles and even machine guns. Plus, this is a time where the parachute could work well (granted, not many pilots had parachutes at the time). Plus, more Naval Warfare!

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