In celebration for Assassins Creed III, I will review Assassins Creed Revelations.Or as I like to call it, Assassins Creed II/2.

You play as Ezio again, but this time older, wiser, and just as badass as you were in the other two games.Instead of you patrolling Italy, Ezio roams Constinpoli in search of keys leading to Altair's Library.I won't reveal anymore at this point but if you must know read on.But for starters the review.


It's a lot similar to Brotherhood but with more types of combat and navigation.Ezio now possess the hookblade, allowing you to both stab victims spinal cords and grab onto near ledges with ease.I liked that they were trying to add this to the game but it seems more comfortable riding horses through crowded streets then using your blade to cling to shutters and tiles on roofs, as you could normally just climb up there like in the other games.I had an awesome time using a "hook and run" on unsuspecting civilians.Too bad this will probably never get reintroduced.

Templar's are back, obviously.But this time, they're trying to get rid of you instead of sending there knights/guards to kill you.The templars have even sent Templar mercenaries to sneak up on you and kill you once you have become notorious.They actually scared me but were better then thieves stealing your money.Aside from the killers they have sent, there are Templar captains guarding camps that you can take over for the assassins.However, this came with a catch:if you don't assign a apprentice at a tower, the templars will attempt to take there tower back.I hated this whole process and ignored it entirely unless it was mandatory.

Instead of the spacious and rather treacherous ruins of Rome in Brotherhood, you get the bustling and rather crowded streets and palaces of Constanopli.It is smaller then Rome and a bit harder to navigate.


Not as good as Brotherhood in my opinion.But it does have it's twists and turns.I don't want to explain to much but:Ezio is old.If you want more info play the game.

All In All

Its a decent, albeit flawed, game.

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