So we've all heard the news. Some are glad, some are disappointed. I'm personally iffy on it, but until we see gameplay, I don't know what to think of it. But here's the top 10 reasons you should be excited for ACIV: Black Flag...And 3 final things I hope get featured.

10. The Setting

The Carribean has rarely been featured in a videogame, allowing for the possibility of lots of innovative and interesting gameplay, plot, and customization. The naval areas in ACIII were full of pretty sites and unique areas. Freeroaming in it with enemy ships should be fun.

9. Ship Customization

The crews outfits can be changed, the ship can be upgraded even more then possible in ACIII...

8. Pirates

(Somewhat) A more historically accurate representation of pirates, along with famous and not so famous figures, such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack.

7. Duel Wielding

Four guns with free-aim, two swords, and maybe even some objects from the environment. Using them to swiftly and gracefully take out groups of enemies and navigate cities easier, hopefully the inventory will support this.

6. Interesting Protagonist

What more needs to be said? A mix between Altair and Ezio is what seems to be happening here.

5. Ship Combat

With the naval aspect getting more focus this time around, we may get to experience more complex naval missions and ship combat. Imagine shooting a ship with cannons only to board it at the last second to get supplies before it sinks into the ocean.

4. New Stealth Moves

With ships, duel wielding, and customization all in one game, factors could play an important part in stealthily taking out enemies. Lately, there's been less stealth, more slashing. What if Ubisoft combined these aspects to fit well?

3. Stronger Enemies

Enemies in ACIII were stronger, faster, and had better AI, but they still lacked difficulty. Make strategy important Ubisoft!

2. Puzzles

Historical puzzles were absent from the last couple installments, but I thought they were one of the best parts of ACII and Brotherhood.

1. Pets

Yes, I'd love to have a South American bird as a pet in ACIV. If you get a dog, they could help fend off enemies during raids. Maybe a fishtank?

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