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  • Serpentaxy400


    June 20, 2013 by Serpentaxy400

    Did I already post this? Sorry if I did. :P

    Expect on and off activity from me for...some time. Comments take a ridiculous amount of time to load for me, at least for these days. Main reason I rarely comment as much as I did months ago.

    Less edits, too.

    Man, anyone else miss the background images for the wiki?

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  • Serpentaxy400


    June 19, 2013 by Serpentaxy400

    Expect on and off activity from me for...some amount of time. Comments take a ridiculous amount of time to load these days, at least for me. Main reason I rarely comment as much as I did 8 months ago.

    Man, anyone else miss the background images for the wiki? Connor just looks kinda boring to me.

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  • Serpentaxy400

    So we've all heard the news. Some are glad, some are disappointed. I'm personally iffy on it, but until we see gameplay, I don't know what to think of it. But here's the top 10 reasons you should be excited for ACIV: Black Flag...And 3 final things I hope get featured.

    10. The Setting

    The Carribean has rarely been featured in a videogame, allowing for the possibility of lots of innovative and interesting gameplay, plot, and customization. The naval areas in ACIII were full of pretty sites and unique areas. Freeroaming in it with enemy ships should be fun.

    9. Ship Customization

    The crews outfits can be changed, the ship can be upgraded even more then possible in ACIII...

    8. Pirates

    (Somewhat) A more historically accurate representation of pirates, a…

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  • Serpentaxy400

    Most of the fans aren't exactly excited it seems (Especially around IGN, where the news is coming from) for AC:IV Black Flag.

    There's not much info yet, but it doesn't promising to me. I do think Ubisoft is milking the franchise, and this usually happens after three sequels (Brotherhood). This, along with the games getting much less development time and very few new ideas could cause another COD type situation. I hope they focus on getting rid of bugs and making innovations to the plot and combat so it doesn't feel like we're playing the same game over and over.

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  • Serpentaxy400

    Lets face it- this blog has been done before. But hopefully this one interests you.

    Both sides are sneaky, literally and metaphorically.

    The Assassins contact targets through stealth, while the Templars are cunning and secretive. Both groups manipulate and bribe their way through history, such as when Rodrigo Borgia managed become influential in a span of a few short years.

    In ACI the two sides were morally ambiguous, with the Assassins being considered the naive brutes by their enemies, while the Templars themselves are dillusioned. In ACII, both sides have been fighting for so long that they've been considerably weakened in some areas. The Templars having been corrupted by their superiors, while the Assassins have lost many of their numbers…

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