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Score - Tyranny of King Washington

Sem1rek July 6, 2013 User blog:Sem1rek

I recommend to read article on, which is reviewing music from AC3 DLC - The Tyranny of King Washington. I can say I agree with the most of opinions but the opinion "It is not as good as the original AC3 score". This score contains amazing Ratonhnhake:Ton, well described as a song with Native American feelings but still very epic and also popular Assassin's Creed III Theme.

I would like to notice also Frozen and Boston Industrial Theme, which was unfortunately unreleased but you can find it on Youtube, Lorne Balfe's channel. These tracks absolutely described feeling of The Tyranny of King Washington's story.

My highlights:

  • Ratonhnhake:Ton
  • Assassin's Creed III Theme
  • Man with the Wolf Hood
  • The Boston Industrial Theme (very similar to The Betrayal)
  • Fallen Warriors
  • Frozen

There is also another song which should be noticed, used in The Infamy trailer - Angel of War, composed and produced by Alessio Nanni and Daniel Lessner. Very emotive piece...

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