• Scar626

    I need a hand

    December 28, 2010 by Scar626

    Hi this is probably in the wrong place for somthing like this but oh well, ok so im doing the blacksmith quest where you have to find the shrucken heads i have the one which is in the chest, but i went back to memory 6 to try and replay it and it wasnt there (im refering to the romulus quest the sixth day.) i've completed the game and im trying to get the armour now so if someone could give me a hand i dont need a walkthrough to the mission itself i just need to know why i cant acess it im sure it somthing stupid if you can help me thank you.~ Nick

    p.s sorry i know some people will get really agrovated about my punctuation to cut along story short stupid teachers split my year into 2 i got put with the lower bunch and never learned to punc…

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