This is a blog post as it was defined to be, blog as in the abbreviation of web-log. A log contained within the web. This is a little pouring of what's been in me and what's been a little hard to say for me, and I wish no one will be offended by the first glance of this.

Please note that the Selfish Individual mentioned in the title is none other than myself. No one is to blame.

A read through several paragraphs in this blog post and you may find my point of view severely disturbing. I cannot clearly separate my view, my fantasy, and apparently, my realization of the plans I'm crafting in my head.

Please note again that this blog post isn't meant to offend, it is meant to be a media for my thoughts to flow through and also, if this would, act as an explanation for my -- I'm not surprised if you may have deemed it so -- weird actions around the Fanfiction area of this wiki.

I'm currently working in Assassin's Creed: Descent, a fanfiction which idea I conceived just amidst my progress through the first AC and ACB.

As noted in the ACIII Frontier Walkthrough With Commentary video in YouTube, "Assassin's Creed is always about exploring seminal periods in history." The first idea that popped into my mind is the long line of Indonesian history that I've been choked with all the time during my (currently) ten years of formal education. The terrible sly betrayal of Ken Arok and the curse of the Keris of Mpu Gandring, the glorious Kingdom of Majaphit whose territory was expanded by one of the greatest military leader of all time, Mahapatih Gajah Mada, his Palapa Oath, the Colonial Ages in the Indonesian archipelago, the Indonesian Rebellion, Indonesian Awakening, Independence Declaration, Retaliation against the two stages of Military Aggression from the Dutch...everything. All the pivotal moments of Indonesian history are covered in secret bloodshed and heroic acts, hidden within them are unrecorded events. These items could also serve as the perfect settings for an Assassin's Creed story in my own country.

So that was roughly the birth of AC: Descent. And since I played ACII: Multiplayer in my iPhone for the first time, I fell in love with the simplicity of the gameplay in an instant. Me and a friend of mine had actually been planning to make Descent a game, and I'm currently within the planning stages for this game (gameplay explanation, interface sketches, etc.).

But first, I need to let go of the bugging feeling behind my back that stores the whole story of Descent. And I know no better place to share it with fellow AC fans other than this AC Wiki. So really, seeing all the organized Fanons, this became an obvious choice to me.

I posted it here.

At first, I'm keeping my habit of posting the Wiki Article (that's how I termed it, the page where details are unnecessary, but instead, the overview, the information concerning, and everything that is just...Wikipedia-ish) and the Fanon chapters themselves separate in my blog posts. My first aim of doing this is simply as a mark of originality, and my secondary benefit is that I can add any subscription from any website -- say, Facebook Notes for example -- to my wikia blog. So each time I post a new chapter in my blog, these websites I linked with my AC Wiki blog will also post an update notice. I've done the same with my Dinosaur King fanfics, and it worked pretty well.

The problem with blog-fics, as I've experienced, is that I would have to update the main Wiki Article with the link to the newest episode each time I posted one. This can get pretty messy, and as coined by a comment in my Chapter One blog post, 'clogs up the RA feed'. I'd have to agree with that, and after completing a new design that I'm going to put together, I finally decide on the current system.

Please note that I do not intend to go against the rules at all.

To keep with the sense of Assassin's Creed where the access of memories is done in sequences, I conceived the idea based on another comment that states about me making a Wiki Article but, instead of containing the Wikipedia-ish things and the outline details, it contains the fanon chapters itself. As I've mentioned, to keep with the AC sense and to signature an originality, I use the current system.

The current system is as following: I separate the whole story into two 'Sequences', each Sequence focusing on a different moment in history that the character accesses with the Animus (and, later with the Kilasbalik). In the first Sequence, The Fallen Master, the point of genetic memory accessed is the Majapahit era and Panji's experiences with the Pieces of Eden and the Templars' involvements in the Kingdom. The second Sequence, Iridescence, is accessed with Kilasbalik and explores the points during and after WWII in Indonesia, during the rule of the VOC, British, Dutch, the Imperial Japan, and finally during the Military Aggression. The characters accessed are different, but I refrain from making too many Sequences as it will confuse me myself. I keep it this way: pre-colonial and post-colonial as the separation of the Sequences.

Each Sequence itself is separated into Chapters as well. This is also a mark of my originality: when the story is in the set of modern times (Juna, Alysha, Satrio, etc.) then the Sequence will be divided into Chapters. But when the story is within a genetic memory, the story will be divided into Compounds. So it may go like this:

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Compound One
  • Chapter Four
  • Compound Two
  • Compound Three
  • Chapter Five

And so on. This may be a bit confusing, but this is the way I'm organizing it.

Once again, a difference. Uniqueness. And in this way, consistency too.

This does not necessarily 'clog the RA feed'. Because then I'll only need to update the Sequence article for each update. When Sequence One is complete, only Sequence Two will be updated, am I right? And the links to these Sequences are the links included in the Wiki Article.

Maybe the first thing that crosses your mind upon reading this decision I'm putting in is 'the Hell? This guy's only giving everyone a headache and making it complicated'. As a matter of fact, I'm not making it that complicated. I'm making it more specific: the Wiki-ish can stay all wiki-ish, an the fanon will stand as the fanon itself. So I did this instead of making it a one-article style where I'll put the wiki-ish and the fanon as one, because as I'm rather...uncomfortable with the one-article style. Plus, as I've mentioned, it lacks a mark or 'me'.

About giving myself a headache, that's precisely what I do best.

About making the multi-article, this is why as I've aforementioned, I'm the Selfish Individual. I'm making this on my own accord on the reason of simply because this is the fruitation of my ideas. This isn't that difficult to organize, yet this can stand uniquely me. Although this lacks the RSS feed subscription, this makes it easier to access the story through mobile devices (experienced it myself). I know that having a single-article fanfic page would be easier, but I'm simply uncomfortable and I feel somewhat a little bugged. Like, this is a wiki, this is about a wiki. Let the fanfics themselves have their own ways by the writers' own. And I think it's not funny that I'm uncomfortable with my own fanfic, right?

The Sequence system provides less clogging and keeps the uniqueness. I don't know what you reader have to say, but I prefer this way (at least, for my own fanfic) of organization instead of making a classic one-article or my old repelled system the blog-posts.'s not in any way against the rules, right? Why can't a writer just show their own ways of expression? It doesn't actually give everyone that big a problem, anyway (even, the way I see it, almost none except of course if the reader has a critically unbelievably slow internet connection).

Note again: this isn't an offense, this is also not fully a self-defense. It is meant to be a media for my thoughts to flow through and also, if this would, act as an explanation for my -- I'm not surprised if you may have deemed it so -- weird actions around the Fanfiction area of this wiki.

Also note that I'm not stirring a rebellion or trying to put up a fight against the admins, I'm simply saying what I feel like I need to. A world of free-will where everyone deserves to show their voice, isn't that what the Assassins want?

Sanguinoraptor the Blood Thief. Roar at. 15:13, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

ps. I'm planning on making images-links to the Sequences in the Episodes part in the Wiki Article for Descent. It shows the completed Compounds, and thus, indirectly, the story's progress.

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