aka Alfi Rizky R

  • I live in Jakarta
  • I was born on February 26
  • My occupation is Apprentice
  • I am Male
  • Sanguinoraptor

    This is a blog post as it was defined to be, blog as in the abbreviation of web-log. A log contained within the web. This is a little pouring of what's been in me and what's been a little hard to say for me, and I wish no one will be offended by the first glance of this.

    Please note that the Selfish Individual mentioned in the title is none other than myself. No one is to blame.

    A read through several paragraphs in this blog post and you may find my point of view severely disturbing. I cannot clearly separate my view, my fantasy, and apparently, my realization of the plans I'm crafting in my head.

    Please note again that this blog post isn't meant to offend, it is meant to be a media for my thoughts to flow through and also, if this would, act …

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  • Sanguinoraptor

    NOTE: THE ARTICLE HAS BEEN MOVED TO HERE, it is the one that is under constant updates. By the time this notice is written, it has reached Chapter Four, and currently, it may hold even more. Click on the link given in the 'HERE'.

    -The Observer

    IT IS NEVER too wrong to ever lay down what one knows for the others to know. For some, it may be of utter uselessness, but for those who know better, such an action may save thousands of lives.

    I do not wish to put together a story, a narration, or maybe even a fiction. I cannot give any form or sorts of guarantee, or ensure to you, that all you will read below is anywhere near my imaginations. But let me assure you from within the deepest corners of my sincere heart, God help me, these are real.

    And by…

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