Reading the books, I began to jot down details, especially ones that I’d either missed, or failed to recall from playing the games. Amongst these were dates of all kinds. In short order, that led to wondering about the ages of the characters during Renaissance, both Ezio’s in different parts of the stories, as well as others’ in relation to each other. Not nearly all characters’ dates of birth are known, or they are debatable, so I just went with years.

I was rather surprised at first that Maria, Ezio’s mother, was older than her husband (by four years) and even older than her brother-in-law (two years). Given her background, it’s less of surprise. Claudia being older than Duccio (year)... that’s nothing. What is curious, considering their graphics, is that Duccio and Petruccio might have differed in age less than half a year; Petruccio comes off as younger, imo, though that might be a result of his history of being ‘frail’, bound to bed for most of his life.

Caterina Sforza and Niccoló Machiavelli are another pair of surprises; the sense of authority both of them possess might easily lead one to believe they’d be older than Ezio. That’s not the case, though. Caterina shares her birthyear with Petruccio, whereas Niccoló is a decade younger than Ezio.

And then there’s Sofia. 17 years younger than Ezio, she was but a baby when he set his foot on the road to revenge. And the following year, Cesare was born.

Personally, the most heartbreaking realization came from the fact that even counting their first meeting in 1511, Ezio and Sofia only had 13 years together. Why this touches me in particular is that in a couple of months, I’ll have shared 13 years with my own partner...and it’s far too short a time to spend with the right people.

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