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    The Lost Archive

    April 6, 2013 by Sadelyrate

    Due to an image request, I played through The Lost Archive DLC (again).

    Far as I’ve been able to gather, said DLC’s not exactly popular amongst fans of the AC franchise, for whatever reason. If that’s truly the case, it’s a pity, imo.

    You see, for me, TLA’s probably the piece I’ve most enjoyed in this franchise.

    Last night, while finishing up with it, I began to think about the reasons for that.

    It’s a first-person platformer, the format of which seems to at first make me nauseous before my body adjusts to the visuals. Despite that, and partially because of it, I love the DLC.


    Because it reminds me of cyberpunk and jacking in.

    Because it’s visualized hacking and telling a story via how it seemed like versus photorealism.

    Because it’s symbolic…

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    Teach and Kenway

    March 4, 2013 by Sadelyrate

    Considering the apparent age difference between Teach and Kenway, that one shot of them together, Teach's comments in that trailer... I wonder if their relationship might be one of mentor and apprentice? That Kenway served on Queen Anne's Revenge, under Teach and learned pirates' ways from him?

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    Thinking about ages

    February 7, 2013 by Sadelyrate

    Reading the books, I began to jot down details, especially ones that I’d either missed, or failed to recall from playing the games. Amongst these were dates of all kinds. In short order, that led to wondering about the ages of the characters during Renaissance, both Ezio’s in different parts of the stories, as well as others’ in relation to each other. Not nearly all characters’ dates of birth are known, or they are debatable, so I just went with years.

    I was rather surprised at first that Maria, Ezio’s mother, was older than her husband (by four years) and even older than her brother-in-law (two years). Given her background, it’s less of surprise. Claudia being older than Duccio (year)... that’s nothing. What is curious, considering their…

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    Queen Isabella

    January 17, 2013 by Sadelyrate

    I began replaying AC2, and a thought occurred during the Glyph-puzzles. In the fifth, the Instruments of Power, one of the images is Eugene Delacroix's painting, which in-game is given only the description of "King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Spain", depicting Christopher Columbus' return. I know it's just speculation, but that painting's presence seems to hint to the identity of 'Queen Isabella'. Unless, of course, she's not a person at all, but a ship... :p

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