Insignia of Guild?

Though I have no side of the war in Palestine/Israel, I believe that this is the perfect time for a reformation of the Assassin Order. And with this I see an amazing game idea that could either make or break Ubisoft and the Assassin's Creed franchise. We could even go back to Masyaf since Syria is directly above the Palestinian geographical region.

Cool Cover I made

The game could go 10-20 years in the future but say the war is still going on, and syria is now a major part siding with Palestine (Or Israel). Someone has purchased Masyaf castle and is using it to reform the Assassins. Ex-military and Palestinian civilians are coming to Masyaf for training in guerilla warfare. So obviously the Assassin's now know how to kill someone with a blade, and they come into the fight as a blade in the crowd assassinating major enemy figures, and winning over Jerusalem and come to peace... for now.

I know this didn't make too much sence but hell, It looks good in my head.

Please DO NOT fight over your views on the war in the Palestinian geographical region, thanks!

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