I heard that Assassin's Creed might be an on-going franchise, so I'm wondering if the Assassins travel around the world hunting for every single one. Here's some of what I already know:

Apple of Eden 1: Templars own it after killing Houndi. Used to assassinate Kennedy in 1963

Apple of Eden 2 (Altair's Apple): Destroyed after Templars launched sattelite

Apple of Eden 3: Taken by Templars after assassinating Kennedy (however, George Washington owned it, and Connor Kenway meets George in Assassin's Creed 3)

Apple of Eden 4: Taken by Assassins after assassinating Hitler, who duplicated himself (just like Al-Mualim and Ezio)

Apple of Eden 5: Owned by NASA, and then taken by Templars. They persumably still own it

Apple of Eden 6 (Ezio's Apple): Recovered from the Colosseum Vault by Desmond on October 10th, 2012. It is useful for finding the other Temples and for accessing the Grand Temple

Shroud of Eden: The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Turin, Italy

Sword of Eden: Taken by Tempars after killing it's owner, Joan of Arc (1431)

Crystal Skulls of Eden: Many owned by Templars (at least one owned by Abstergo)

Staff of Eden: Owned by Assassins

Ankh of Eden: Unknown, last owned by Templars in the 13th Century

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