I think they should have action figures for AC. I know Neca and those companies made ONE of the main character of each game, but I think they should have smaller models, fully poseable, with weapons.

Scale: 1:18 (G.I joe size)

My Ideas:


Altair-Hidden blade (hidden blades are attached) syrian sword, throwing knives and short blade.

Malik-Throwing knives, short blade.

Kadar-hidden blade, novice sword.

Templar knight-longsword.

Al Mualim-Novice sword, short blade, the apple

Robert de sable-Longsword, sheild.


Ezio auditore da firenze-hidden blades, side sword, smoke bombs.

Borgia militia guard-side sword.

Ezio w/o assassin robes on-rock, hidden blade, sword.

Rodrigo borgia-sword, papal staff.

Mario- His huge ass sword thing, throwing knives

Vieri de' Pazzi-side sword, Spear.

Francesco de' pazzi-war hammer, sword, dagger.


Machiavelli-Sword, branding tongs.

Ezio-Hidden blades, sword, mace.

Ezio W/ armor of Brutus-Dagger of brutus, sword, Crossbow, hidden blades. Claudia in assassin robes-stilletto, hidden blade

Borgia guard-sword, mace.

Papal guard-sword and pistol

Cesare Borgia-sword, pistol, apple of eden.

More will be added if requested.

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