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inb4 these blogs become spam...anyways, here are a few (disorganized) ideas of mine for a new AC game.

Great depression era, 1929-1935

Scenario: You are a Templar agent working for the FBI sent to hunt down criminals believed to work with the assassin brotherhood.


Guns: Tommy gun, M1911.45, Springfield 1903, BAR, Winchester Model 1897, Colt new service

Melee: hidden blade, baseball bat (replaces the sword), Brass knuckles (maybe combine it with the hidden blade.), switchblade (hidden switchblade?)

Other: MK2 grenade, improvised melee weapons

Setting: Chicago and New York City

Targets: Peter and Frank Guseneberg, Louis Alterie, John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Harris, George Birdwell, Tommy Carroll, Baby face Nelson


Time Period: French Revolution 1788-1796

Weapons: Hidden blade (DUUURRR), Smallsword, Flintlock pistol, blunderbuss, Charleville Musket, bayonet, Axe, Dagger, grenade.

Cities: Paris, Lyon, Toulon, Maybe something like the frontier.

Events-Storming of the Bastille, Reign of Terror, Napoleon's rise to Power

Assassin allies: Napoleon Bonaparte (Somewhat of a King Richard/Lorenzo Di Medici/Suleiman/George Washington Character) Jean-Paul Marat (Killed by a templar agent) Antoine-Joseph Pernety

Targets: Robespierre (not a Templar), Jacques de Flesselles, Bernard de Launay, Joseph Chalier, Camille Desmoulins, Frederick III, Prince of Salm-Kyrburg, Jean-Nicolas Stofflet

other characters: Louis XVI (Templar, but not a target), Marie Antoinette, Gilbert Du Motier.

Spring and Autumn period (China, 500’s and 400’s.)

Assassins: Yao Li-Assassin of Prince Qingji of Wu

Zhuan Zhu-Assassin of King Liao of Wu, used the "Fish intestines" knife

Wu Zixu-Scholar and politician, worked for King Helu of Wu

Sun-Tzu-General and scholar, lead the Wu armies in the Wu-Chu war

Targets: Shen Yin Shu-Commander in the Chu army Death: 506 BC

Nang Wua-corrupt Prime minister of Chu, helped contribute to its downfall Death: Unknown

King Helu of Wu-The King of Wu from 514-496 BC

Wen Zhong-Advisor in the state of Yue Died: Unknown

Prince Qingji of Wu-Brother of King Helu, died: Unknown

King Liao of Wu-King of Wu from 526-515 BC

King Fuchai of Wu-King of Wu from 465-473 BC

Others: Confucius

Weapons: Yuchang (“Fish intestines, a dagger small enough to be concealed in a fish, hidden blade maybe?) Jian, Lance, Gun (staff), Chu ko nu, Bow, dagger-axe, Spear of Fuchai (Piece of Eden?)

Sweden, Great Northern War

Weapons: Hidden blade, smallsword, musket, bayonet, flintlock pistol, axe, combination pistol (half axe, half-pistol), Halberd, saber.

Templars: King Charles XII, Ivan Mazepa, Otto Vellingk, Magnus Stenbook, Lars gathenhielm, Arvid Axel Mardefolt, Hayvril Adam (Fictional Cossack), Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt

Cities: Stockholm, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Fredriksten, Baltic sea, Warsaw/Poland

Paraguayan war and aftermath, 1867-1871

Weapons: Musket, Saber, hatchet, bayonet, hidden blade, Machete, repeating rifle, pistol.

Assassin allies: Pedro II of Brazil, Venancio Flores

Targets: Francisco Solano Lopez, Domingo Francisco Sanchez, Jose E Diaz, Juan Francisco Lopez (Francisco solano’s son)

Cities: Rio de Janiero, brasilia, Asuncion, Buenos Aries, Jungle.

Animals: Jaguar, cougar, capybara, pampas deer, fox, sloth, armadillo, wolf, tapir, Black caiman, giant anaconda, Spectacled bear

Domestic animals: dog, cat, bull, pig, horse, goat.

Feudal japan, 1500’s

Weapons: Hidden blade, Tanto, katana, Wakizashi, Yumi, Yari, Naginata, Nodachi, Kanabo, Arquebus, ninjato, shuriken, blowgun.

Pieces of eden: Imperial regalia of Japan, the sword, mirror, and jewel.

Assassins: Hattori hanzo, Fūma Kotarō, Katō Danzō, Mochizuki Chiyome, Ishikawa Goemon.

Assassin allies: Tokugawa ieyasu

Templars: Asakura Kagetsura, Lady Sanjō , Aochi Shigetsuna, Ujiie Naotomo, Nagai Michitoshi, Yasumi Naomasa,

Natsume Yoshinobu, Akai Terukage , Akao Kiyotsuna, Azai Hisamasa, Azai Inori, Katsurayama Ujimoto , Saitō Tatsuoki ,Takeda Shingen , Miyoshi Yoshitsugu , Maeba Yoshitsugu , Takeda Nobutora, Oda Nobuhiro Takeda

Nobuzane, Yamagata Masakage , Naitō Masatoyo , Takeda Katsuyori ,Akechi Mitsuhide

Cities: Edo, Nagashino, Kyoto, Sapporo, Nagasaki, Nara, Osaka, Nagoya

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