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  • ReyesRebels

    AC4 Ideas

    November 14, 2012 by ReyesRebels

    inb4 these blogs become spam...anyways, here are a few (disorganized) ideas of mine for a new AC game.

    Great depression era, 1929-1935

    Scenario: You are a Templar agent working for the FBI sent to hunt down criminals believed to work with the assassin brotherhood.


    Guns: Tommy gun, M1911.45, Springfield 1903, BAR, Winchester Model 1897, Colt new service

    Melee: hidden blade, baseball bat (replaces the sword), Brass knuckles (maybe combine it with the hidden blade.), switchblade (hidden switchblade?)

    Other: MK2 grenade, improvised melee weapons

    Setting: Chicago and New York City

    Targets: Peter and Frank Guseneberg, Louis Alterie, John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Harris, George Birdwell, Tommy Carroll, Baby face Nelson


    Time P…

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  • ReyesRebels

    Connor's father poll

    September 5, 2012 by ReyesRebels

    Only time will tell the true answer, but here I am polling the top 5 most common theories (in my view) of who Connor's father is. I really want to know what most people think. I shall cast the first vote, my vote: Charles Lee.

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  • ReyesRebels

    Benedict Arnold

    August 25, 2012 by ReyesRebels

    As you may have heard, PS3 players will get an hour's more worth of Gameplay focusing on turncoat General, Benedict Arnold. The game is said to end in 1783, and Arnold died in 1801 in London, so there is a small chance he will be killed. However, I am here to ask you what you think will happen, and where it will take place.

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  • ReyesRebels

    Son of Malik

    July 12, 2011 by ReyesRebels

    I have a theory, Yusuf Tazim is Malik's descendant 1. If his name if westernized, it is Tazim Yusuf. tazim was the name of Malik's son. 2. he shares a rivalry with ezio, malik shared a rivalry with ezio's ancestor, Altair. 3. he is a master assassin, just like Malik. 4.He is second in command compared to Ezio. malik was Altair's second in command. 5.They are both Bureau Leaders. Due to similar Positions, name and Persona I have to belive he is Malik's descendant.

    just my theory, but It makes sense.

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  • ReyesRebels

    AC action figures

    June 23, 2011 by ReyesRebels

    I think they should have action figures for AC. I know Neca and those companies made ONE of the main character of each game, but I think they should have smaller models, fully poseable, with weapons.

    Scale: 1:18 (G.I joe size)

    My Ideas:


    Altair-Hidden blade (hidden blades are attached) syrian sword, throwing knives and short blade.

    Malik-Throwing knives, short blade.

    Kadar-hidden blade, novice sword.

    Templar knight-longsword.

    Al Mualim-Novice sword, short blade, the apple

    Robert de sable-Longsword, sheild.

    AC II

    Ezio auditore da firenze-hidden blades, side sword, smoke bombs.

    Borgia militia guard-side sword.

    Ezio w/o assassin robes on-rock, hidden blade, sword.

    Rodrigo borgia-sword, papal staff.

    Mario- His huge ass sword thing, throwing knives

    Vieri de'…

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