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  • Rapnoize EDGE

    And suddenly I found even more coverage PLAY

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  • Rapnoize

    New ACR patch is out!

    February 27, 2012 by Rapnoize

    Unlock Penrose portal as soon as the Subject16 DLC is detected

    Prevent Desmond's Journey AFS Message to be displayed when collecting fragment.

    New laser type: Yellow lasers that you can block

    New block type: Impulse block

    Title remains on a white screen when trying to load a saved game in specific situations

    FIxed the Subject 16 menu disappearing after accessing a penrose Desmond chapter

    Enable missing Animus Database entries

    Fixed the situation when the outfits are locked after completing any Desmond mission.

    Fixed the situation when the Desmond missions are locked after certain steps.

    Added News menu to Single Player and changed Extras menu flow a little

    Fixed some sound related probl…

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  • Rapnoize

    And Nos has already created the article about it, so check it out ;)

    And here are some samples from Jesper Kyd's website:

    1. Altair's Passion
    2. City of Constantinople II
    3. Defends The Brotherhood
    4. City of Constantinople I
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  • Rapnoize

    Shaun Returns

    October 2, 2011 by Rapnoize

    So I was reading all the same information of Revelations in the new issue of GamesMaster, and suddenly (it happened on the last page of cover-up, I think) I discovered one thing. Look at the red brick! Now!

    OK that's what said there:

    "The ten minutes we get of Danny Wallace moaning might make you break your TV".

    Looks like Shaun returns! We're happy, right?

    I thought that the Black Room is unreachable from outside though, so probably I was wrong. ;)

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  • Rapnoize


    September 27, 2011 by Rapnoize
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