Hey guys! It looks like we finally have some actual screensots of Assassin's Creed 5. The name of this game is said to be AC Unity. Sources told French blog Game Blog that the game will be set in Paris during the French Revolution and-or the Napoleonic period. The hero is called Arnaud (spelled Arno), a name of Germanic origin that refers to the eagle as derived from arn “eagle” and Waldan “govern.” There has also been rumors that the protagonist will able to go from city to city by will and even though this is not uncommon it is rumored that the city you will be able to travel to is London which is uncommon in AC games seeing that it is in  a whole other country. Other rumors that are circulating around the web is that Ubisoft is making a whole other game for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that will be part of the main series and will tie into AC Unity. The rumored name of this game is AC Comet. The Assassin in the leaked screenshots also looks EXTREMLY simliar to the Assassin appearing in the previously leaked poster in the Ubisoft building.

For more info and screenshots go here: and

P.S. Since the screenshots are going to be taking down by the admins soon, i suggest that you check out the original websites.

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