So after playing the latest AC in December these are my thoughts and feelings on the game and story but before I start this WILL BE SPOILER FREE and I will not reveal any information on endings or story points :).

Okay I'll begin with the charecter handling,It was okay but the altair memorys were to short and did not live up to the hype that was being spread for the past few months and I did not like the way they handeld the presentation of them they seemed rushed bit that's what happens with a 1 year development cycle and the later parts improved considerable bringing Altair's story to a at best okay end. Ezio reamains rather untouched in persanality or humour as in brotherhood and with a costume change and new hookblade he remains rather unscaved from other games in the series. The blackroom segments was rather forgetable and many of you would prefer free runing in Ezio land than Niko Bellic.....sorry desmond and speaking of witch has made a radical departure from ACB as he now is wearing a reverse coulour clothing and a beard seeing as his mind is broken.

File:352px-Desmond Miles.jpg


I feel that the hookblade has a lot of missing potentiel and apart from being a new weapon for combat it also helps transportation and slightly increases Ezio's reach and alows ziplines to be used but there could be far more uses thats it for me today leave other uses of the hookblade and your thoughts in the comments below :)

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