The assassins creed story has been going on since 2007 when the first assassins creed came out with Altiar as the assassin. Then we met Ezio in number 2 and also again 2 other times in brotherhood and revelations. I honesty think they put Ezio in the story too many times really but it is a great story line. And of course we had Connor,Edward,and now almost Arno and Shay. The story has kinda been through diifferent time lines and different places around the world and there will most likely be more. The graphics in all the games has gotten better through time,with black flag currently the best ,in my opinion, in that department but honestly where are they going from here? There making two games a year now and i think there going to fast with it. They can't go on forever that would be stupid, but unfortunatly they'll have to stop some time and i think it may be really close. They have 7 assassins creeds now and it would get old if they kept going on with it. I think they'll probably stop around 8 or maybe 9. I do belive though that rogue will be the last last gen council assassins creed but you never know. It does end the kenway saga though. tell me if i missed something or i got something wrong.:) 21:04, September 30, 2014 (UTC)

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