Many people may say that assassins creed rogue is a black flag 2. But there are some differences that make it differ from black flag. The one big one of course is that you are a templar hunting assassins. After a mission goes sour and Shay Patrick Cormac,our main character, is betrayed he goes to the templars looking for redemption and promises to hunt down all the assassins in north america. You  also get an air rifle which is a rifle that shoots the same ammunition as a blow pipe in assassins creed black flag which is pretty much the same thing only the air gun can go farther. Since Shay is not a pirate his motives will be different. He probably wont spend as much time looking for money considering he has plenty of it since the templars have almost unlimmited wealth.You can still loot chests and steal but finding money wont be as stressed like it was in black flag because ,again, you have lots of money. Besides the fact that you still have to gain money to upgrade your ship which is pretty stupid considering again you work for a group that is very very rich but whatever. once you FINALLY get enough money to upgrade your ship you can get the newest weaponry from the age. You can have puckle guns, an ice ram, carronades, burning oil, broadside cannons, and mortars,these last two arent very new,. I wont go into detail on what all of these do but you can look it up yourself.You can also be boarded by other ships if they ram you.To my knowledge, I dont know if we will be able to board other people but it is highly likley. You are also set in 3 different locations:The American River Valley,Newyork,and the north atlantic. I hope this has helped you ,if you dont already know , with findig out about rogue. I probably missed something but ill be covering more things throughout the month.:) 23:49, October 1, 2014 (UTC)

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