I have seen a recent video on youtube asking who the initiate in Assassins creed Unity is. I believe I know. In assassins creed rogue in the first time out of the animus you find a tablet (communicator).If you look at it it has a letter from Melany Lemay or your boss that is to a guy I do believe is named Robert. It says how he will be going into ARNO DORIANS memories. Sound familiar? Yes Arno is the main protagonist in AC Unity. It also says that it is top secret and Robert will be staying in the animus for long periods of time. In unity you become an initiate and work for the assassins. I believe this Robert guy is the initiate. I mean he works for Abstergo and they tell him to look up on this Arno for no particular reason. In unity they say that they are looking for a sage the people that have an abundunce of precursor DNA. I believe they hired him to find the sage and he doesnt even know it then the modern day assassins call him up and convince him to join them. Thats my theory on the initiate. Tell me what you think and if I got anything out of place.:) 23:01, November 30, 2014 (UTC)

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