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  • Quinton7

    I have seen a recent video on youtube asking who the initiate in Assassins creed Unity is. I believe I know. In assassins creed rogue in the first time out of the animus you find a tablet (communicator).If you look at it it has a letter from Melany Lemay or your boss that is to a guy I do believe is named Robert. It says how he will be going into ARNO DORIANS memories. Sound familiar? Yes Arno is the main protagonist in AC Unity. It also says that it is top secret and Robert will be staying in the animus for long periods of time. In unity you become an initiate and work for the assassins. I believe this Robert guy is the initiate. I mean he works for Abstergo and they tell him to look up on this Arno for no particular reason. In unity they…

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  • Quinton7

    Assassins creed saga

    September 30, 2014 by Quinton7

    The assassins creed story has been going on since 2007 when the first assassins creed came out with Altiar as the assassin. Then we met Ezio in number 2 and also again 2 other times in brotherhood and revelations. I honesty think they put Ezio in the story too many times really but it is a great story line. And of course we had Connor,Edward,and now almost Arno and Shay. The story has kinda been through diifferent time lines and different places around the world and there will most likely be more. The graphics in all the games has gotten better through time,with black flag currently the best ,in my opinion, in that department but honestly where are they going from here? There making two games a year now and i think there going to fast with…

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  • Quinton7

    Who is Shay Patrick Cormac?

    September 22, 2014 by Quinton7

    Shay,as I stated in my previous post, is an assassin turned templar. But really all we know is the info they gave us. How did he become an assassin in the first place? Who is his parentage? How did he meet Haythem? How did he join the templar order? Did he need training,which would be stupid because he was already an assassin with training, before he got in to the order? Did they not trust him at first because of his assassin past or did they let him in immediatley? All these questions will hopefully be answered in future trailers or when the game comes out on November 11th.:) 02:35, September 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Quinton7

    Assassins creed rogue

    September 21, 2014 by Quinton7

    Many people may say that assassins creed rogue is a black flag 2. But there are some differences that make it differ from black flag. The one big one of course is that you are a templar hunting assassins. After a mission goes sour and Shay Patrick Cormac,our main character, is betrayed he goes to the templars looking for redemption and promises to hunt down all the assassins in north america. You  also get an air rifle which is a rifle that shoots the same ammunition as a blow pipe in assassins creed black flag which is pretty much the same thing only the air gun can go farther. Since Shay is not a pirate his motives will be different. He probably wont spend as much time looking for money considering he has plenty of it since the templars …

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