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    Where will AC5 take place?

    November 12, 2013 by QQTrey1

    Now that ACIV Black Flag has been out for a few weeks it leaves people like myself asking "Will there be another AC?" "Where will it be?" and all of that wonderful stuff.

    There are a few quite possible future AC ideas that you can see by hacking into an email in the present day world in ACIV Black Flag. To save those the time who can't be bothered to look at it for themselves here are the following ideas. 

    New England and Amercian Midwest, Nineteenth Century.

    Egypt and North Africa, Thirteenth Century.

    Ashikaga Shogunate in Japan, Fourteenth Century.

    French Revolution, Eighteenth Century.

    As for myself I'd personaly like to game the next game featureing in Egypt where you can climb pyrmids while also giveing you a new taste of culture rather the…

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