• Piratehunter

    A Moral Argument

    August 28, 2010 by Piratehunter

    It was recently brought up to me in another blog post: "Templar or Assassin? Which are you?" Well, this blog post is similar, but not exact. It brought to my attention, a better point of view in this Moral Argument, between the Templars and the Assassins. Let me explain... Normally, I would say, and do say, that I am best suited as an Assassin, simply because, well, I have my own sort of philosophy based on, in a nutshell, that everything is exact, and is the same. There is no light or dark, black or white; only 2 different shades of grey, and for the record, this is how I see life, little fun fact about me I suppose :D. But anywho, believe it or not, it may be from a game, but the phrase "Nothing is true, everything is permitted", is basi…

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