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  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Supreme Commander of the PeeGs
  • I am Neither.
  • Peter Griffen Boy

    Well, I've been questioning the fact that Templars are evil as they are perceived in AC. For example, if you listen to speeches, you'll find that Tamir did what he did merely for survival, and then at one point, he is said to have killed a Templar who thretened him and the assassins in his work. So, I am wondering, could the assassins not have imprisoned people, for example, use Tamir to make them weapons, use Naplouse to heal their wounded citizens and fellow assassins. However, the Templars bully and rape their innocent citizens, while the Assassins guards do not, so, could someone explain to me? Or is it simply just a mod dog killer for the highest bidder? Peter Griffen Boy 02:12, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Peter Griffen Boy

    Leonardo creates his fire grenades (much like a RPG of the middle ages) and the Templar's use a ship to try to do stuff, Ezio blows it up and causes it to start to sink, but he must fight off many guards and try to find the Piece of Eden. I was thinking he finds a longer ranged musket, and the ability hang upside down like batman!

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  • Peter Griffen Boy

    There are two main ideas I've seen so far.

    1: Japan during the 14-18th centures

    2: Japan just before WWII.

    I would prefer Japan during the Middle Ages, as a World War Two game set in Japan would most likely be filled with Nambu's and Type 100s, with little refrences of blades. Your thoughts?

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