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AC3 - Animus Trailer Info

Today the AC3 Animus Trailer was officially released by Ubisoft (check out the link for the video) and I noticed some pretty interesting stuff - namely the personas and, what I think maybe, the new "Dare" system with game modes being listed.


In particular the customisation options; at least one of the customisation options for each characters (at least, what I could see from the Black Bird, the Night Stalker and the Lady Maverick) take inspiration from the Revelations multiplayer personas. I have posted pictures of their designs (apologies for the poor quality, I was using my phone. Eventually someone will screenshot them).

The New "Dare"/Friend's Ladder System

I believe it is now called "Competition" and, from what I can see, functions in exactly the same way. However, some of these "game modes" I find disturbing. For example Artifact Assault AND a mode called "Capture the Flag" - because, you know, AA wasn't CTF already? And these random-ass names for modes. And the sacrifice of Escort and Chest Capture in favour of double CTF modes, and other shooter rip-offs. Suffice to say, I am glad that I get AC primarily for the singleplayer (though I'll discount ACR like the majority of people).

Leave a comment below leaving your thoughts.

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